Gender - Based Violence AoR Helpdesk

Gender - Based Violence Area of Responsibility Helpdesk

What is the GBV AoR Helpdesk?

A free and confidential research and advice service for humanitarian actors working on GBV risk mitigation, prevention and response in emergencies. Managed by Social Development Direct on behalf of the GBV Area of responsibility, the Helpdesk is staffed by a global roster of senior Gender and GBV Experts with knowledge, skills and experience in:

  • GBV Coordination
  • GBV Programme Management
  • GBV Case Management
  • Safe and Ethical Data Collection and Information Management
  • Clinical Management of Rape
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
  • Access to Justice
  • GBV and Livelihoods and Cash Transfers
  • GBV and Disability Inclusion
  • Child, Adolescent and Adult Survivors
  • Early and Forced Marriage and other Harmful Traditional Practices
  • Localisation
  • GBV Risk Mitigation and Multi-Sectoral Interventions

What services does the GBV AoR Helpdesk offer?

Rapid Technical Support– The Helpdesk can provide rapid technical advice and support on GBV coordination and programming in line with international standards, guidelines and best practice.

Rapid Desk Research Reports – The Helpdesk can carry out global literature and evidence reviews and produce high-quality written reports which highlight best practice in GBV in emergencies programming and signpost the reader to relevant tools and resources.

The Helpdesk also produces:

Quarterly Research, Learning and Evidence Digests – Field-friendly thematic summaries of existing research, evidence and learning in relation to GBV in emergencies programming.

Guidance Notes – In depth guidance notes on best practice in GBV in emergencies programming and policy-making in relation to current and emerging issues and trends.

*Please note that products using the banner ‘UNICEF GBViE Helpdesk’ were produced between September 2017 and November 2018, under the UNICEF-managed contract. The GBV AoR is grateful to the US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration for supporting the continuation and expansion of the GBViE Helpdesk.