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Gender, Inclusion, Power and Politics Analysis Toolkit Launched

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The tool is designed to be used in the development and humanitarian sector to support the design and implementation of effective and relevant programmes by developing a detailed picture of the root causes of problems, the roles of different stakeholders, and the processes to achieve positive change. 

While there are fundamental links between Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) analysis, Power Analysis (PA) and Political Economy Analysis (PEA), these analyses are typically conducted separately so the potential complementarities are often missed. 

GIPP brings these processes to together to ensure the social, physical, environmental and attitudinal barriers and enablers can be detailed and better understood and embed gender equality, inclusion and power analysis into locally driven political economy analysis. 

In August 2021, SDDirect and Christian Aid hosted a launch event to share the GIPP tool. The event included an overview of the tool from with Christian Aid’s Charles Gay and Emma Haegeman from SDDirect. Mercy Okeke from Christian Aid Nigeria gave a fantastic presentation summarising the experience of using the GIPP in the three countries of ECID, Nigeria, Myanmar and Zimbabwe. Fadzai Traquino, Director of our Zimbabwe partner Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA)shared their experience of the GIPP as a local organisation. Finally, two commentators gave their feedback and headline comments on the presentations and the GIPP in general – Jenn Ruddick from FCDO, and Srilatha Batliwala from (Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action) CREA, an expert in women’s rights, empowerment, and feminist leadership. 

The Gender, Inclusion, Power and Politics (GIPP) analysis toolkit was developed by Christian Aid and Social Development Direct through the UK Aid funded Evidence and Collaboration for Inclusive Action programme 

Download the GIPP toolkit: 

 Watch the recording of the GIPP Launch Event:

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