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Safeguarding Case Studies

Some examples of our work

Our work is largely internal within organisations, we rarely publish outputs. A few case studies are included below to give you a small taste of our recent experience: 

Toolkit development
  • We worked with the International Finance Cooperation (IFC)toolkit on developing and managing community-based grievance and feedback mechanisms for sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment. The toolkit is intended to support private sector companies to amend existing community-based grievance and feedback mechanisms, or develop new mechanisms, that are designed to receive and effectively manage reports of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in addition to other types of grievances and feedback.
Practical tools, advice and support to a global organisation
  • SDDirect provided support to an international organisation’s country offices and their Head Office on Safeguarding against sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment (SEAH). We delivered on a number of central products including COVID-19 guidance, field visit protocols, education SEAH tip sheet and SEAH Organisational Change Guidance. We also provided advice and support to 3 country offices, this included use of a diagnostic tool, case management training, development of action plans etc.
Development of an Advisory Note on preventing and responding to sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment (SEAH) in AfDB operations
  • We worked with the Independent Recourse Mechanism of the African Development Bank to create to create this advisory note. The process involved building comprehensive understanding of existing organisational policy, procedures and practice to ensure that the note aligned with the what was already in place.
  • Alongside a local network consultant, we are currently leading research on how private sector companies in the Middle East and North Africa region are preventing and responding to online violence against children. The final output will include an overview of what diverse private companies are doing to prevent and respond to online violence against children that they may be contributing to or facilitating.
Safeguarding audit
  • Alongside a local network consultant, we led an audit of the safeguarding systems in place across different organisations working within a consortium in Ghana. Following the audit, we provided a range of technical tools and a series of trainings for consortia members on the core gaps identified in the audit.


Our dedicated team of safeguarding professionals in a multitude of international and UK contexts are ready to support your organisation in its safeguarding journey!   

If you would like to hear more about our work on Safeguarding, please reach out to Anna Gawn, Head of Safeguarding Portfolio: