About Us

Putting social inclusion, equality and human rights at the centre
of the development process

Mission & Values


To provide excellent social development expertise and management in order to ensure that social inclusion, gender, equality and human rights are central to the development process and are valued as ends in themselves.



Professional excellence
We are proud of our strong record of technical and management achievements. We take care to provide the highest quality products and services – with a level of expertise and professionalism that sets us apart from our competition. The technical expertise of our staff and network is essential to delivering maximum value to our clients and partners. We strive to invest in continual learning for all members of the SDDirect team to ensure we are constantly at the pinnacle of developments in our field.

Respect and partnership

We seek a more inclusive, more equitable world that respects the worth and rights of everyone. We work collaboratively through relationships based on mutual respect, and work to achieve mutual benefit. With all of those we work with, from donor to the community level, we strive to build equitable partnerships that honour the diverse voices and contributions of all stakeholders, especially the intended stakeholders at the community level.    

Valuing people

We are committed to ‘people-centred development’ that ensures that all women, men, girls and boys are empowered to make choices about their own development and to act on those choices. This underpins the approach we take to working with our clients, partners and other stakeholders. In our own organisation, we look after our staff, network consultants and clients and value their contribution. We nurture an inclusive culture where everyone’s voice is valued and heard. We promote as much as possible a healthy balance between work and life in a professional environment that celebrates the diverse backgrounds, skills and experience of those contributing to our work.

Integrity and trust

Integrity, transparency and trust are fundamental to our work. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We promote open dialogue and mutual accountability in all of our partnerships, contract management and organisational practices. We place great importance on maintaining our duty of care towards staff, consultants, partners and programme participants.

Passion and courage

We are passionate in our commitment to equitable and inclusive development.  We value innovation and seek to be a learning organisation. We work to amplify the voices of poor and/or socially marginalised people and to be courageous advocates of gender equality and social inclusion, even when this requires us to work in difficult settings or ask hard questions.