Photo Credits

The images used on our site have been sourced mainly from photographers who specialise in taking images in the countries we work in as well as from our staff, clients and partners. 

We strive towards using a range of images that fairly represent the complex realities of the contexts we work in, and endeavour to respectfully illustrate the diversity of identities of communities and institutions we work with as change agents, partners and participants. This is an integral component of SDDirect’s values – you can read more about our values here.

The photos are intended to only be illustrative of the range of geographic areas that we work in and groups of people that we may work for or with. It should be noted that they do not imply any particular economic status, health status, attitudes, behaviour, or actions on the part of the individuals appearing in the photograph. 

We have taken every effort to ensure that portrayed individuals consented to having their image taken either in a written or verbal form. The photographers who have provided their work have assured us that this has occurred for images where peoples’ faces are identifiable and they are the principal subject. Images of children have not been selected for our website unless a parent’s or a guardian’s consent has been obtained in addition to that of the child or children concerned.

Our photographs have been provided by:

Home page:

  • Two children outside their school in South Sudan - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin
  • Lady in saree - Marji Lang
  • Civilians on bus in South Sudan - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin
  • Men playing a game called "okey" in a local park in Gaziantep, Turkey - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin
  • Coloured buildings in Narad Ghat, India - Shutterstock
  • Blue house and calves in Madhya Pradesh - India, Marji Lang
  • Coloured pots of paint - Marji Lang
  • Man making and selling prayer beads in Erbil, Iraq - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin
  • Fruits in hand, Lungile Simelane tends the Save the Children Sizolomphakathi Garden in Mpumalanga Province. This simple livelihoods intervention is instrumental in addressing the pervading issue of household poverty and nutrition in the province, as vegetables are supplied to the Save the Children Sizolomphakathi Drop-In Centre and ECD Centre as well as sold in the community - Jenn Warren
  • Girls walking along the road - Shutterstock
  • Woman with phone - Shutterstock
  • Clementina Kuptong at the Beautiful Gate Handicapped People’s Centre, Jos, Nigeria - Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP/Getty Images
  • Children at school in Uganda - Victoria Schauerhammer
  • Girls walking down street - Shutterstock
  • Feminism conference panel - Harri Lee


  • Civilian tents in Abyei. Civilians tented out in town as they wait to vote in an upcoming referendum on independence - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin
  • How we work: Woman watering plants - Jenn Warren
  • Our network: Tibetan prayer flags - Shutterstock
  • Our clients: Man working in field, a civilian displaced from his home by fighting works a patch of land he and others have begun to farm in Mingkaman, South Sudan - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin

Our work:

  • Ugandan forest - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin
  • Governance, Voice & Accountability: Civilians marching in the run-up to a referendum - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin
  • Conflict & Peacebuilding: Women and girls marching in South Sudan - Jenn Warren
  • Ugandan woman working in a maternal health clinic in Yambio, South Sudan - Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin
  • Girls' education: Girl at school - Shutterstock
  • Women's economic empowerment: Two ladies chatting. Belina Nkosi, 73, with her granddaughter Carrol at the Zamokhule Bakery, which she originally started in 2007 with a group of women in the community - Jenn Warren
  • VAWG: Two ladies in sarees chatting in the street in Madhya Pradesh, India - Marji Lang
  • Our projects: Girls Education Challenge, Girls at school in Afghanistan - Aga Khan Foundation
  • Our projects: Girl researchers from the La Pepiniere Programme in Kinshasa DRC - Cleo Blackman, DFID
  • Our projects: SDDirect consultant Lydia Stone talks to internally displaced women and children in South Sudan - Lydia Stone
  • Case studies: School girls in Nigeria - NSRP website 
  • Case studies: Police officer from the Special Protection Unit in Wau visits detainees - Lydia Stone
  • Publications & Research: Fishing boat - Victoria Schauerhammer
  • VAWG Helpdesk: Reutlingen - Sera Photography
  • VAWG Helpdesk: Kakuma Refugee Camp, tents for new arrivals - Tom Albinson

 News & Insights:

  • Women for Women International Sudan Chapter. Rumbek, Lakes State, Southern Sudan - Jenn Warren

VAWG Helpdesk:

  • VAWG Evidence Digest March 2016: UNFPA/UNHCR/IRC/UNICEF/IMC