Our Work

Delivering excellence in social development consultancy and research

Where We Work

We provide our services globally and since our launch in 1999, have worked in over 50 countries in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe, including fragile states and post-conflict settings.

As well as our work directly in individual countries, our portfolio includes a large number of multi-country and global contracts for iNGOs, bilateral and multi-lateral agencies.

You can search our website for countries of particular interest. Please use the search function at the top of the page to find projects, staff and publications related to specific countries.


In the last five years SDDirect has worked extensively in Nigeria where we are playing significant technical roles in three major DFID Programmes: Voices for Change, the Education Sector Support Programme and the National Stability and Reconciliation Programme. 

We are able to set up new operations and/or work remotely in most settings. Our in-country presence is growing as we evolve to meet the needs of our contracts. We are the lead contractor for a major adolescent girl research programme in DRC for which we have in-country staff and operations.