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DFID Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness (STAR - Ghana II)


The Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness (STAR-Ghana II) initiative is a voice and empowerment programme that supports civil society to achieve increased accountability and responsiveness of the state to citizens. STAR-Ghana is managed by a consortium led by Christian Aid, with Mango, Social Development Direct, the Overseas Development Institute and Nkum Associates.

The current phase of STAR-Ghana builds on previous programmes, including the first phase of the STAR-Ghana programme (2010-2015); the Ghana Research and Advocacy Programme (G-RAP) (2005-2011); Kasa (2008-2010); the Rights and Voice Initiative (RAVI) (2004-2010); and the Civil Society Governance Fund (CSGF) (2004-2010). In its current phase (2015-2020), STAR-Ghana is managing a budget of £22m programme funded by its core donors, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Danish International Development Agency (Danida) and the European Union (EU). The programme is designed to build STAR-Ghana’s effectiveness as a convenor, coordinator and catalyst of multi-stakeholder action to advance active citizenship, inclusion and accountability in Ghana. The programme is also committed to continuous learning, harvesting lessons that can inform adaptation and improve outcomes for citizens. The Consortium works closely with the locally-based Steering Committee and Programme Management Team as well as donors to establish STAR-Ghana as an autonomous, Ghanaian-owned and led entity.

STAR-Ghana’s vision is a well-informed civil society able to contribute to transformational change around key challenges of poverty, inequality and inclusion for all citizens. It mission is to increase the effectiveness of citizen influence for change that advances democracy, accountability and social inclusion.

SDDirect provides technical advice and support to institutional strategy and organisational development (the establishment of a viable national entity), the development and implementation of the STAR-Ghana gender and inclusion strategy (‘putting gender equality and social inclusion at the heart of STAR-Ghana’), and design/facilitation of STAR-Ghana’s community of practice and learning.

Key SDDirect deliverables to date include:

  • A Scoping Paper on gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in Ghana
  • A GESI Strategy and Work Plan
  • A series of GESI Guidance and Good Practice Notes
  • A GESI Scan Report
  • A GESI Learning Synthesis
  • The STAR-Ghana Learning Framework (‘Communities of Practice and Learning’) and Work Plan
  • Design and facilitation support to STAR-Ghana’s annual Strategic Learning Event
  • An Institutional Options Paper
  • A STAR-Ghana Positioning Paper (‘STAR-Ghana Beyond the Aid System’)
  • A Draft STAR-Ghana Institutional Case Statement (for the new entity)
  • A Donor Scoping Study