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The UK government funds over £1 billion in programming per year through the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF). Operating in over 70 countries, CSSF is central to the UK government’s work overseas. CSSF has contracted Integrity in partnership with Social Development Direct, LTS-Niras, Brink, Institute for Strategic Studies and Cranfield University to strengthen monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) across its entire portfolio.

The primary objective of this MEL programme is to bring the CSSF to a level of evaluability. This will involve setting up systems across the Fund, building capability to carry out and use MEL evidence, and helping CSSF to integrate evidence and lessons into all its programming. The aim of the programme is to deliver the following primary functions by the end of the three-year period:

  • A coherent, synthesised Fund-level results management system rolled out and effectively implemented, able to articulate global-level results; 
  • Enhanced capacity and capability of the programme teams to use the tools and utilise evidence for effective programming; and 
  • An innovative knowledge and evidence centre established with formalised feedback loops to enable evidence-based programme decisions, contributing to the global knowledge base on promoting stability and peace in conflict-affected environments.

SDDirect is leading on integrating gender and inclusion considerations throughout the work on the contract. This includes strengthening the MEL system related to CSSF’s commitments and actions on the women, peace and security agenda and in support of gender equality; strengthening CSSF’s capacity and capability to undertake MEL of gender dimensions of programming, and in gender-sensitive and inclusive ways; and generating a stronger evidence base on CSSF’s contributions to – and lessons learned from – their work on women, peace and security, gender equality and broader inclusion goals.