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Cities and Infrastructure for Growth (CiG) Myanmar


The Department for International Development’s (DFID) mission is to help eradicate poverty in the world’s poorest countries through achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). DFID’s Myanmar Cities and Infrastructure for Growth programme aims to promote inclusive economic growth by supporting sustainable cities, efficient infrastructure investment and sound economic decision making.

To design and implement safe, inclusive, productive and resilient cities that support inclusive growth, and to align CIG Myanmar with DFID Myanmar’s four shifts, it is necessary to understand the experiences and needs of different groups of people and how they live and work in cities, access services, cope with shocks and participate in governance and decision-making.

As part of a consortium led by IPE Global, SDDirect provides cross-cutting gender and inclusion strategic advice and practical, targeted support across CIGM technical workstreams and priorities so Gender & Inclusion (G&I) issues and participatory processes are meaningfully integrated across the programme. Out team works with thematic leads to review and integrate G&I into all deliverables in order to maximise opportunities to increase G&I.

This includes, for example,  working working with teams across the CIGM project and advising on appropriate inclusive stakeholder engagement for sensitive urban planning and development. SDD also advises on appropriate participatory processes and citizen feedback loops to enable projects to meet citizens’ needs and priorities, and to strengthen transparency, responsiveness and accountability for inclusive growth and poverty reduction.

The programme started in March 2019.