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Disability Inclusion in Economic Development Programs: Insights from Nigeria


LINKS, an innovation and investment program operating in northern Nigeria, is one of the few private sector development programs that has quantifiable objectives to extend benefits to people with disabilities. Funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), LINKS aims to create 40,000 jobs for women and 6,000 jobs for people living with disabilities (40% and 6% respectively of LINKS’ overall jobs target). Being part of the consortium, Social Development Direct provides strategic leadership on women's economic empowerment and disability inclusion. 18 months into the program, we take stock of what we have learnt.

To read the blog summarising the lessons learnt from disability inclusion programming in economic development programmes, please see the SEEP website.

Find out more about disability inclusion as part of the LINKS program, emerging lessons and future direction in the LINKS Disability Inclusion Summary Report 2021.

Written by Sabine Garbarino & Kemi Asuni.

Sabine Garbarino is a Gender & Diversity specialist with over 15 years of research and consulting experience. Her most recent work focuses on facilitating women’s economic empowerment and inclusive economic development through entrepreneurship, business environment reform, skills development and infrastructure provision.

Kemi Asuni is a Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist with 14 years’ experience and a specific focus on women economic empowerment in market system development. Recently, Oluwakemi worked on LINKS (Catalysing Economic Growth for Northern Nigeria) where she led the work on women’s economic empowerment and disability inclusion.