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RSH launches a free online safeguarding training course


The Resource and Support Hub (RSH) has developed a series of five free and accessible online training modules called Safeguarding Matters.

The modules tell the story of a fictional civil society organisation called Family Health Frontiers (FHF). Over the five modules, learners join the FHF team as they seek to become a safer organisation and navigate safeguarding challenges. We are pleased to announce that Module 1 is out now!

This is what Abazie Ifeanyi, of Vitalis Nigeria says after completing Module 1:

“I love the way the exercises give correct answers when you choose the wrong option. Reading through the slides was so easy, and the explanations with examples was so good. This is my first time of really understanding what safeguarding really means; which is preventing sexual exploitation and abuse in the working environment. I am new in the aid sector.”

Target learners

These modules are aimed at non-safeguarding specialists in CSOs who want a flexible approach to learning, learn the key facts about safeguarding balancing information with activities and achieve a RSH certificate. Safeguarding specialists will also benefit from technical information, links to helpful resources and ability to engage with the safeguarding challenges facing CSOs.

All those working across the development and humanitarian sectors will find these modules useful.


Module 1 is available now in English. All modules will also be accessible in Amharic, Classic Arabic, Hausa, French and Swahili.

App-based learning

Each module will be accompanied by an app which will provide additional learning prompts for up to two months after the module has been completed.

More about Module 1…

Safeguarding Matters Module 1: Getting started

This module will help you:

  1. Define safeguarding terms;
  2. Understand safeguarding responsibilities within an organisation;
  3. Recognise the importance of workplace behaviours in safeguarding.

Study time: 45 minutes

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The remaining modules and apps will become available over the next few months. Subscribe to the RSH newsletter or follow RSH on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to be notified!