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OUT NOW: Mid-term evaluation of Integrity Action’s 2016-2020 Sida grant


We are delighted to share a summary of the mid-term evaluation report of the Integrity Action’s Sida grant.

The report focuses on the results of Integrity Action’s Sida grant to date, progress towards outcomes, and the relevance of the new ToC and new five-year global strategy for driving results.

The evaluation team found compelling evidence in support of Integrity Action’s model of ‘open citizen feedback’ and were impressed by the organisation’s awareness of its strengths and weaknesses and on how resources are being invested strategically to drive organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Some of the key findings demonstrate that Integrity Action:

  • has significantly strengthened internal policies, systems and processes since 2016;
  • has made significant progress demonstrating the scalability and replicability of its approach to open citizen feedback;
  • is a respected leader in the social accountability sector and is perceived as being ‘ahead of the curve’ with its use of technology and community driven programming;
  • has a strong network of well-established and value-adding national partners who share common goals;
  • has made significant progress towards mainstreaming GESI within internal organisational processes and systems and cascading the approach through local partners.

This study was led by a core team of three SDDirect consultants, Jenny Holden, Amy Harrison and Barry Smith.