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New Report Looks at the Role of Women as Peacebuilders in Yemen

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SDDirect are excited to share this new report on Women as Peacebuilders in Yemen, funded by UK FCO and implemented in partnership with the Yemen Polling Center.

The research sought to build a detailed local picture of how women are being affected by conflict and how they are engaging in conflict prevention, peace and stability activities in three governorates of Yemen, and makes recommendations for how external actors can provide support. 

 We found significant variation between and even within governorates, although some themes were common everywhere - including rising levels of GBV, changes in religious and social discourse restricting women's public activity, and women's impressive leadership in humanitarian response and community development work.

 We found some interesting variation in people's expectations for peace and the political future of Yemen and the ways in which women are engaging in conflict mediation. Finally, the research provides a brief up to date picture of governance, conflict and security trends in each governorate studied.

The research has been widely shared among relevant UK Government departments and international partners engaged in peace, conflict resilience and humanitarian response in Yemen, and will inform future programming by the UK (DFID and FCO) in Yemen.

Find the full report here, as well as a shorter Executive Summary and Key Findings document here.  

This study was led by SDDirect's Senior Technical Specialist Sophie Stevens and co-authored by Sophie and Dr Marie-Christine Heinze. 



This report was funded by the FCO, under the Conflict, Security and Stability Framework. The framework provides development and security support to countries which are at risk of conflict or instability.