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DFID's Flagship Voices for Change Programme Draws to a Close


Voices for Change’s (V4C) mission was to inspire a generation of new voices to speak up and speak out, empowering young women to achieve their real potential. Conceived as the pilot stage of a twenty-year vision to address structural barriers to gender equality in Nigeria, implementation began in October 2013 and ended in November 2017.  

Over four years the programme piloted several approaches to tackle the social norms underpinning gender inequality that are challenging some of the conventional ways of delivering gender-based development.  Click on the following links to explore a selection of the V4C publications:

Social norms and behaviour change: Find out how V4C measured social norm change and kept track of the pace and extent of change in young people's attitudes and behaviour during the lifetime of the programme. 

Working with young women and men: Read how the programme engaged young women and men across Nigeria who have transformed the social norms that shape their lives, their society, and institutions.

Working with Alliances: Find out how we partnered with religious, traditional and community leaders who play a significant role in society in shaping values, attitudes, behaviour and relationships.  

Working with key institutions: Take a look at how V4C supported legislative systems, processes and institutions to become more gender-responsive. 

Social Marketing: Discover how programme used mass marketing approaches to ‘sell’ gender equality to young people in a way that was appealing and engaging. 

Working in the Digital space: Learn how V4C used digital techniques to support young women and men to discuss key issues, and build their knowledge, skills, confidence and networks online.

The value of evidence: Explore the high-quality research commissioned by V4C to help policymakers and practitioners improve the enabling environment for adolescent girls and women. 


We hope that the knowledge and learning we have gained along the way will help others working towards an end to gender-based inequality and discrimination. Although our work has finished there is still so much to be done.  We urge donors to continue investing in innovative programmes that tackle gender inequality and for all our supporters to lend their voices for change.


Explore V4C’s legacy here.



Voices for Change was implemented by a partnership of Palladium, SDDirect, WRAPA and ITAD. SDDirect played a leading role in the design and implementation of the programme with responsibility for technical leadership across the programme and for bringing together a team of Nigerian and international technical experts in the fields of gender equality, women and girls empowerment, gender based violence, social norms, media and communications, research and evidence. 


You can follow the programme at: @V4C_Nigeria