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Gender, inclusion and pathways to accountability in Somalia – what have we learnt?

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New report by SDDirect explores social dimensions of accountability in Somalia

We are delighted to share the new report ‘Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Learning Brief’. It offers a review of learning on the social dimensions of accountability emerging from DFID’s ‘Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme’ (IAAAP) programme in Somalia.

Focusing on emerging pathways for applying a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) approach to accountability work in Somalia, the paper explores:

  • Systemic barriers certain populations face in raising their voice or taking collective action because of their identity
  • Significant obstacles to employing a GESI-sensitive and transformative approach in the Somali context
  • Emerging opportunities and entry points for applying a GESI approach to accountability work in Somalia

The report was developed in July 2017 by our Senior Technical Experts Emma Haegeman and Emma Grant, who took the opportunity to consolidate learning from the programme partners to date. In addition to the report, our experts developed a policy brief summarising the key findings.

The full report and policy brief can be accessed here and here, respectively, or alternatively in our Publications section.



The IAAAP programme is managed on behalf of DFID by BMB Mott Macdonald, in partnership with Social Development Direct. It is a four-year programme that aspires to implement and scale up a set of strategic interventions to improve government performance and social accountability in Somalia. SDDirect provides on-going technical advice and support to support IAAAP’s commitments around gender equality and social inclusion (GESI).