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Out now: latest edition of adolescence research digest


SDDirect and UNICEF-Innocenti publish fifth edition of Adolescence Research Digest

In this April 2017 edition we digest the most important news and resources in adolescent well-being over the last three months


  • The new UN General Comment on the Rights of the Child during adolescence which helps to raise the profile of adolescence as a period of capacity development, distinct from childhood and adulthood. It highlights the complexity of young people’s increasing agency, coupled with significant physical and emotional vulnerability. The Comment recognizes adolescents’ creative contributions towards societal development.
  • The risks refugee and migrant children face on the central Mediterranean migration route, including sexual violence, exploitation, abuse and detention. 
  • The work of the Know Violence in Childhood: Global Learning Initiative, established as a collective response by individuals from multilateral institutions, NGOs and funding agencies concerned about the global impact of violence in childhood and the need for investment in effective violence prevention strategies
  • This Digest also includes a selection of interesting research studies from international peer reviewed journals, evaluation reports, systematic reviews, as well as toolkits, resources, policy news, and conferences.

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