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OUT NOW: March 2017 VAWG Helpdesk Evidence Digest


We are pleased to invite you to read the latest edition of the VAWG Helpdesk Evidence Digest; a quarterly newsletter reviewing the latest research and evidence, policy and news on violence against women and girls.


  • The effect of keeping girls in school on rates of sexual violence in East/Southern Africa: this study uses quasi-experimental methods to explore the links between educational attainment in adolescence on young women’s lifetime experience of sexual violence in Malawi and Uganda.
  • Review of the Gender Equity in Schools (GEMS) programme in Jharkhand: the evaluation finds the GEMS approach to have had a significant overall impact, including: a positive shift in attitudes around gender and violence; a decline in students’ support of corporal punishment; and a decline in acceptance of peer violence.
  • Impact of microsavings intervention on reducing violence against female sex workers in Mongolia: the study finds that physical and sexual violence went down in both groups. However, there was no greater decrease in the intervention group, suggesting that microsavings participation did not significantly impact women's risk of experiencing violence during sex work.
  • UNESCO and UN Women have launched a new Global Guidance on addressing School Related Gender Based Violence, which aims to provide a comprehensive, one-stop resource for governments, policy-makers, teachers, practitioners and civil society.


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The Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG Helpdesk) is a research and advice service for DFID (open across HMG). The VAWG Helpdesk Service is run by a Social Development Direct - led consortium, including ActionAid, International Rescue Committee (IRC), Womankind Worldwide, and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).To be added to our mailing list to receive updates on the latest resources from the VAWG helpdesk please email For the latest on the VAWG Helpdesk please follow our Twitter Page: