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What is next for South Sudan? SDDirect joins debate with leading experts (UPDATE)

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Our Security, Justice and Peacebuilding expert, Lydia Stone, was recently invited to present at the panel ‘South Sudan at another crossroads’

At the event, Lydia Stone spoke about how rape and sexual violence has increased throughout the current conflict as they are being used as weapons of war to degrade and humiliate communities who are considered to be enemy.  She also talked about how the lack of command and control in all fighting forces taking part in the conflict is contributing to egregious abuses by combatants. 

Held on 26 January and organised by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the panel gathered experts in the conflict and peacebuilding arena to debate the current development and humanitarian challenges in South Sudan. Other speakers in the panel included:

  • Mareike Schomerus - Senior Research Fellow, ODI
  • Matt Wells - Senior Crisis Adviser, Amnesty International
  • Payton Knopf- Coordinator, UN Panel of Experts on South Sudan
  • Jok Madut Jok - Co-founder and Executive Director, Sudd Institute South Sudan

The speakers debated the role of the international community in responding to the conflict and possible options including an arms embargo, supporting a national reconciliation dialogue and the need for conflict sensitive programming.  Some positive highlights were an agreement on the need to support the youth of South Sudan in peacebuilding initiatives.

The report ‘The Crisis in South Sudan’ was launched at the event, featuring an article written by Lydia Stone on violence against women and girls in the conflict. Click here to access the report.


Photo credit: UN (Protection of Civilians Site 3, Juba, February 2016)