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SDDirect partners with UNESCO for guidance on school-related gender-based violence


UNESCO publishes guidance on school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) authored by SDDirect

Every year, an estimated 246 million children are subject to some form of gender-based violence in and around school, including physical, sexual and/or psychological violence, such as verbal abuse, bullying, sexual abuse and harassment, coercion and assault, and rape.

In March 2015, SDDirect was commissioned by UNESCO to develop comprehensive global guidance on SRGBV. Dr Erika McAslan Fraser and Khadijah Fancy, senior experts from our team, worked with UNESCO, UN Women and the Global Working Group to end Gender-Based Violence to produce a comprehensive, one-stop resource on SRGBV.

The Guidance was commissioned to help ministries of education and education stakeholders understand more about SRGBV and identify ways to both prevent it and respond effectively when it happens.

It includes clear, knowledge-based operational guidance, case studies and recommended tools around six key areas of practical action:

  • LEADERSHIP: Laws, policies and educational reform
  • ENVIRONMENT: Ensuring schools are safe and supportive
  • PREVENTION: Curriculum, teaching and training
  • RESPONSES: In and around schools
  • PARTNERSHIP: Collaborating with and engaging key stakeholders
  • EVIDENCE: Monitoring and evaluation of SRGBV

The guidance is now out and can be accessed here or by visiting our publications section.

An expanded online version at UN Women’s under the Education module.