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Disabled women are at higher risk of gender violence, says new study

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New study in Nigeria finds disabled women and girls are at higher risk of gender violence

Conflict can be both a cause of disability and a devastating complication for those already living with disabilities

There is little research on the experiences of women and girls living with disability in conflict. To fill this gap, the National Stability & Reconciliation Programme (NSRP), in which SDDirect is a core implementing partner, along with disability rights organisation Inclusive Friends, undertook a joint study on the implications of violence for women and girls living with disability in Plateau state. The state has experienced sporadic violence along ethno-religious lines and between farmers and pastoralists for the past 15 years. SDDirect senior gender and conflict advisor Chitra Nagarajan was a key member of the team that completed this work and co-authored the report detailing research findings.

Women with disabilities led and participated in the research, which found that women’s experiences during conflict were an extension of the difficulties they lived with during peace time.

You can read more about the research in this article (2 October 2015) by Chitra Nagarajan (SDDirect consultant and senior gender and conflict adviser, NSRP) and Grace Jerry of Inclusive Friends.

You can also hear Chitra and Grace Jerry (Executive director of Inclusive Friends) discuss the research findings in this podcast and read the full report; What Violence Means to Us: Women with Disabilities Speak .