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Being a Man in Nigeria: Perceptions and Realities

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Being a Man in Nigeria: Perceptions and Realities

New landmark report on how the notion of ‘manhood’ or ‘masculinity’ influences and limit men’s perceptions, practices and attitudes in Nigeria

A recently launched landmark research report examines how notions of ‘manhood’ or ‘masculinity’ influence and limit men’s perceptions, practices and attitudes and contribute to gendered inequality.

Through a synthesis of five studies (four qualitative and one quantitative) led by the DFID-funded Voices 4 Change (V4C) programme, this ground-breaking publication aims to ignite debate, facilitate policy change and guide effective programming.

Feedback from the report launch event in Abuja on 22 October was electric, with #BeingAManInNigeria trending at no.2 in Nigeria at one point in the day. Guests included a mix of supporters from social media, eminent traditional and religious leaders, and politicians. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, the wife of the Nigerian President, emphasised that she welcomed the ‘positive changes in gender relations showcased in the report’ elaborating that:

“The approach of focusing on men is a refreshing one that can allow us better understand the nature of relationships between men and women. It will inform our approach to finding ways of getting equity between both genders, because we need each other.  We must salute the V4C for the foresight on this landmark report, which is a resource that should be shared globally and built upon as a fantastic contribution to knowledge from Nigeria”.

SDDirect is the lead technical partner for the V4C programme which works to strengthen the enabling environment for gender equality in Nigeria. V4C is managed by a consortium of international and national organisations led by Palladium. Members of the consortium include SDDirect, Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternatives (WRAPA) and ITAD.

The programme commenced implementation on 1 October 2013 and will run until 2017. The programme combines learning from development, learning from communications, behaviour change and social marketing.

For the full report “Being a Man in Nigeria: Perceptions and Realities” click here or visit our Publications section. For V4C news please follow @V4C_Nigeria on Twitter.


Photo Credit: pjotter05 (Fisherman repairing his net Obudu Lake, Nigeria, 2008)