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Our Team


Erika McAslan Fraser PhD

Senior Technical Expert

Erika is a Senior Technical Expert at Social Development Direct.  Her areas of expertise include violence against women and girls, education, conflict and social inclusion.

She currently leads DFID’s VAWG Helpdesk query service, where she coordinates a team of researchers who provide research and advice to DFID staff and other government departments.  Erika is also responsible for producing DFID’s quarterly VAWG Evidence Digests with the latest research, policy and news on violence against women and girls. 

Erika’s portfolio includes recent work as senior researcher for a global research programme on violence against women and girls (DFID’s ‘What Works to Prevent VAWG’), a global review of UNHCR’s Engagement with Displaced Youth and evaluation of the UK National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.

Erika has written several guidance notes for bilateral and multilateral agencies, including the Global Guidance on School-related Gender-based Violence (2016) and DFID’s guidance note on Addressing Violence against Women and Girls in Education Programming (2014).

Erika has a PhD in Geography from the University of London (Royal Holloway). Her thesis was on social capital and poverty, which led to a two-year research project on social capital and violence for DFID in South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Erika has conducted research, evaluations and reviews for a range of bilateral and multilateral agencies (including DFID, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNHCR, UN Women, World Bank), and international and national NGOs (including Plan UK, World Vision and IPPF).