Our Network

A group of senior professionals from around the world who typically have at least 10 years relevant experience in their field

Our Network

Our network is a hand-picked group of highly respected social development consultants and researchers who bring skills and experience in our thematic areas of expertise. 

We engage network members for specific pieces of work and form teams that combine their skills and experience with those of our in-house staff. This means that our clients and network members benefit from an institutional connection with SDDirect, a key mechanism for maintaining quality because it allows us to apply all of our organisational learning to our different projects.

As our organisation has expanded, so has our network; so that we have a good breadth and depth of expertise and so that we can resource larger pieces of work. We grow the network intentionally slowly and carefully so that we can manage quality and the relationships with our consultants. We interview new applicants and take references and writing samples from all consultants prior to registration.


Want to join our network?

We welcome interest from senior social development professionals with expertise in our thematic areas who share our commitment to inclusion and equality. We offer opportunities to:

  • Work with a dynamic team of social development professionals with a strong and shared commitment to the eradication of poverty and social injustice.
  • Work on a diverse range of cutting-edge and intellectually stimulating issues in different international contexts and for a range of clients.
  • Access the knowledge and skills of other network members and staff and SDDirect’s institutional experience.
  • Work with like-minded professionals from our in-house team and network who are able to provide intellectual challenge, technical support and peer review.
  • Work with a highly participatory, inclusive and transparent organisation looking to develop innovative and effective collaborative ways of working with clients and partners.
  • Benefit from the support of our business development and technical teams who lead on proposal writing.


Please send your CV and brief cover note to: jobs@sddirect.org.uk