Gender - Based Violence in EMERGENCIES HELPDESK

Supporting humanitarian actors to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in emergencies

Gender - Based Violence in Emergencies Helpdesk

Gender - Based Violence in Emergencies Helpdesk

A research and advice service tailored to the needs of GBV AoR members, following a successful pilot under UNICEF and SDDirect.

The Gender-based Violence in Emergencies (GBViE) Helpdesk is a technical advice and learning service for members and partners of the GBV Area of Responsibility working at the global, regional and country level. Managed by Social Development Direct, and following on from the successful pilot of the UNICEF GBViE Helpdesk, the Helpdesk is staffed by a global roster of GBV experts ready to provide rapid, tailored support – including to GBV specialists, sector programmers, coordinators, and management. The  GBV AoR is grateful to the US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration for supporting this next phase of the Helpdesk.

The Helpdesk offers expertise on a wide variety of GBViE issues.

Technical support focuses on questions you may have about existing or prospective GBV response and service delivery linked to: 1) coordination efforts in line with the GBV Coordination Handbook; and 2) undertaking GBV-specialist prevention and response programming in line with global standards and other good practice guidance, including the IASC GBV Guidelines. Potential topics include:

  • Addressing GBV throughout the humanitarian programme cycle
  • Capacity building for multi-sectoral response
  • Best practices in prevention 
  • Safe and ethical data collection and analysis/joint assessments
  • Moving beyond a focus on sexual violence to address other forms of GBV, including intimate partner violence, child marriage, etc.
  • Coordinating for more effective prevention and response interventions
  • Undertaking safe and ethical advocacy
  • Building accountability across management systems
  • And any other inquiries you may have!

The Helpdesk delivers in a number of ways

  • Rapid programme support: Provided through written responses or email exchanges, mentoring via skype or phone, and/or review and quality assurance of documentation.
  • Short learning products: Synthesis of existing evidence and lessons on a specific focus area, such as a country or region, thematic area, or common GBViE programming issue in order to clarify issue of concern. Report formats include literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, factsheets, blog posts, mappings or graphics.
  • A quarterly Evidence Digest: on the latest evidence on GBViE linked to questions raised through the Helpdesk and in the GBViE field. This public resource gives humanitarian staff at the global, regional and field level a manageable summary of global news, research, policies and legislation.


GBViE Helpdesk Products*:

*Please note that products using the banner ‘UNICEF GBViE Helpdesk’ were produced between September 2017 and November 2018, under the UNICEF-managed contract. The GBV AoR is grateful to the US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration for supporting the continuation and expansion of the GBViE Helpdesk.